I was born in Plymouth,the youngest of ten children, in 1949. I became interested in photography in the late 195o’s. I was mainly interested in the American photographers through reading National Geographic etc, names like Paul Strand, Walker Evans,Wynn Bullock,Edward Weston,Minor White and some British photographers including Bill Brandt,Frederick Evans.

I married Hilary in 1977 and we moved to York, where I discovered a real photographic gallery Impressions, set up by Val Williams and Andrew Sproxton in the early 1970’s.

I think you have to be inspired to inspire and this gallery certainly ignited the spark in me. I bought a Mamiya Press 6x9cm camera and later an MPP 5×4 inch camera and set off into the woods, along the beaches and onto the rooftops. By 1982 I had my own exhibition at Impressions Gallery.

We returned to Devon in 1994.

Time and history are very important in my photographs. I enjoy the interaction of the people and objects around them, the processes and the history in them.
These photographs are very personal to me and I have tried to convey an honesty in them.

I have about 2000 6x9cm negatives from the 70s and 80s but I cannot print them since I do not have any facilities and with my health problems I dont have the energy to deal with them any more.

John Curno