When I first saw Brimham Rocks early in 1981, I knew that I had to photograph it, the problem was how?

Brimham covers an area of 362 acres of National Trust land in North Yorkshire. The gritstone of the rocks has been weathered over millions of years.

I had to familiarise myself with the place, how would I interpret the many moods and emotions and what did it convey to me? I wanted to try and capture the soft living surface skin and colouring of the rocks, the mystery and magic of Brimham Rocks.

Brimham brought me closer to its secrets. I now know that in truth, what was really happening was that Brimham was bringing me nearer to my secrets and that every shape, shadow and form was part of a key to my life.
The memories and images of Brimham Rocks will remain with me for a very long time.

Going back in 2015 was something that I needed to do. I see the changes in myself over these 34 years. The young man about to start a family, all the questions and concerns about the life ahead. Now our two children have grown and have lives of their own, I see different questions and a more open view on life.

John Curno

1982 images

2015 images