Drewsteignton (2001)

The idealistic image some people have of the countryside is included in the reality of the present day.

I wanted to show the parish of Drewsteignton, the village, farms and surrounding area in the 21st century. How the villagers and farmers cope with the changes. The General Store and Post Office, the Church, the B & Bs and of course the Pub make for a typical English village.

From the times of Spinsters rock, Prestonbury and Cranbrook, 5000 years ago, to more recent times of this parish with the closing of Blackaller Quarry which had employed many men, and up to the present day with its diverse occupations. All ages are included, the young and not so young.

The fact that these images were taken over a short time (from autumn 1999 to spring 2001) covering the time of the foot & mouth outbreak, is important because it shows the rapidity of change. Some of the people i photographed are no longer among us, and in time all the scenes will fade from memory.