It’s About Time (2012)

This book has been published by Fotonow CIC in Plymouth and includes some of my exhibition works in the last 30 years.
It is available through Amazon, general bookshops,and also through Fotonow.

I was privileged to have now Professor Val Williams do the Introduction for me:

‘In his work from the early 1970’s to the early 80’s Curno moved between the modernist spaces of the New Topographers and the poetic visions of the mystics, making a series of photographs of the utiliarian, hidden space of the rooftops, picturing the vents, ducts,light,wells and fencing which act as the engines of modern living, while at the same time dwelling on the forms, mass and structure of the elemental natural world’

Photographs 1978-82

Brimham Rocks

Growing Space

North York Moors

York Wall

Strensal Common


Down to Earth


Shop fronts and other storeys

Dartmoor Sensing

Drewsteignton and Blackaller Quarry


Roof Lights