Art-work is about people or nature that create art unintentionally whilst going about their business in making, mending or destroying an object. It isn’t art because it isn’t their intention to make it, so it is more of a creation.

This idea started in 2001 with the first dozen images taken at the Kent Estate, Devon. Two of these images were used on the re-issue of Dancer’s album ‘ Tales of the Riverbank’. A band from the Isle of Wight with the late Anthony Minghella, it was first released in 1972 and re-released in 2001 on the Kissing Spell label. Minghella went on to direct The English Patient,  The Talented Mr Ripley etc.

Whether you can imagine any scenes from these images, maybe a city scene, winter fields, a harbour scene,  a couple sitting outside a cafe in the starlight, a beach, sea and sky scene, a Turner sky or a moonlit night.

I have always loved abstract forms in photographs, paintings sculptures and in the landscape. In my photographs I sometimes look for the differing objects – trees, rocks, water etc. – that bleed and blend together. I think that I was first aware of this feeling in the early 1980’s whilst I was photographing ‘Brimham Rocks’ during an important time in my life, I realised that the landscape was feeding me information. Since then I have tried to keep a balance of honesty and realism in my projects.

John Curno
2001 – 2014