Come From The Shadows

We go into the shadows and we come out of the shadows.
We can stand in a place but we are not sure where we are.
What do we want from our world, the best of it, or the most of all.
We can be ashamed of what man can do and all we have is love to cling onto.
We do not have the time to compromise.

Time is what we love to remember.
We remember time, yet we forget.
The heavy brightness in the light of day, is it the shadows that show us the way.
The lanes and crosses to our journeys end.
The rivers, woods and rocks tell us we are the last ones in.

The movements in static forms.
Ancient times in shapes at rest.
Man’s relics in recent past.
Our focus is sometimes shallow, but it can be the time to see the best.

We look ahead and miss the present, we argue about love when the children of our world are dying.

Lets ‘Come from the Shadows’          John Curno   (photos between)   2008/2014