Cullompton, Fore Street

The parish of Cullompton extends seven miles along the valley of the river Culm in Devon. ‘Columtune’ was a Saxon settlement, ‘tun’ means town, so it is simply the town on the Culm. In 459AD St Columba preached in the area and his name may also be reflected in the towns’ name. In 1278 the town was granted a market and in 1356 a water course was conferred and flowed through the town for 600 years until 1962.

There is a mixture of buildings of various periods in Fore Street e.g. the manor house which is 16th century. Behind the street frontage there are burgage courts, narrow lanes that open out into workrooms and dwellings for weavers and other trades people.

I find Fore Street and its chronological order of events and developments  interesting with its strange historical mix of shapes and features.  I have tried to capture its essence in almost an abstract way using intense colour, and showing the very angled forms in a narrow main road.

These photos were taken in walking order, first one side of the street, then the other side.