Dartmoor – Skies, Land, Rivers

Maybe I am losing values in nature and our landscape, so I am taking individual sections, like a giant jigsaw, to re-evaluate the scenes. Sometimes I see with old eyes and sometimes with new eyes. I am trying to make sense of my surroundings in the only way I know, by using photography with the hope that maybe sometimes in my projects other people will see it as I do.

In these busy days in the cities we are bombarded with advertising.  When it gets to the weekend and we go somewhere quiet for a walk our mind is still busy from all the bustle.
We need a good space to reset our minds to zero and see all the beauty that is around us. I have zeroed my mind and I am trying to get back to my factory settings, to enjoy everything as separate units – the sky, the land and the rivers – then I can put these pieces back together again.

I started this project in 2003, originally on Skies only but by 2005 I had started to include land and Rivers.   These images were taken with DSLR cameras.

John Curno, 2003 – 2014