Face Value

I am over contrasting these and using a blue and other filters to get an effect like an infrared film to emphasis the skin.

This project is about ageing, the wear and tear on our bodies and faces over time, in sickness and health and age. Apart from wrinkles, our faces show other signs of health e.g. cancers, cataracts, liver problems, diabetes and the scares of life.

I have included myself and my wife in this project.  I have had skin cancer removed from my forehead and I am sure that there is more to come.  Some of these older people have very fine skin, free of wrinkles at least.

Dave has had a triple heart bypass, he is diabetic and also has leukaemia. He has been given six months to live, at present he is in a care home. His treatment stops at the end of May.
Dave is my brother. ( Died 26/12/14 )

John Curno, work in progress, 2014.