Going Back

Does a picture lie or is it the difference between what we see and what we observe!
From the start I was telling stories and asking questions about what we observe, e.g. the road image in ‘Variations on a Moor’ where the road appears to go straight but the sign tells it differently.

This project is about some of the themes and  symbols in my images over the last 45 years and why these themes have continued. The shapes Рcircles; crosses (both religious and patriotic); the elements both above and below water; reflections in both water and glass giving two elements together; merging images; new and old existing together; buildings and rooftops with their wounds, scars and bandages keeping them together like people. The rooftop photograph in this project has NHS sign in the distance. Trees are the interludes between the buildings with the landscape in the distance beyond the chimneys.

In one of my recent projects ‘Come From the Shadows’ the Dartmoor outcrops come with their own character, I have overprinted these so that they are not just photo records but show the metaphors surrounding them, they are not only large and heavy but also fragile, crumbling, breaking apart and the unsteadiness¬† of these solid forms that echo some of our emotions. ¬† Sometimes its the difference between what we expect and what we accept from life.

About 25 years ago when Paul Wombell was at Impressions Gallery in York, he suggested an idea to me of photographing the Minster from various parts of the city. In this project I have included Exeter Cathedral from a dozen different angles. I have also taken shots of the old city walls, the enclosures providing protection and entrapment, echoing my photos of the York Bar walls.

Photography seems more urgent now that I am older. Forty five years ago I had the energy but not the time, now I have the time but not the energy.

John Curno. 2014