Shape of Time

The shape of time and the roads we take. The seconds turn into years, we cannot stop it but we can direct it. Young time travels slowly, but it will gather speed with age. We can split time, when our children are around, which can travel both fast and slow. We can vary from careful to reckless with our ration. We can try to think how to use it but soon lose concentration, from our mistakes that we cannot retrace. Our three score years and ten will catch up on us sooner than we think.

These images show time moving on, not so much in long exposures but more in very short but in-camera double exposures, sometimes as short as 250th of a second, others were taken between 1 and 5 seconds apart. Mostly they were hand-held, to prove that I am also moving during the image taking. The image no DSC 2473 was taken 6 days before my brother died of Leukaemia on Boxing Day 2014.

We know that time is chasing us and that will not change, but let us enjoy those seconds as much as we can. Keep well and keep moving.

Photographs taken 2014